"Honesty Is The First Chapter In The Book Of Wisdom"

What I Offer?

I am an entrepreneur, investor, and fund raiser with over fifteen years’ experience in the UK & Middle East.

I enjoy the challenge of funding, starting, turning around or growing Start-ups, SMEs and also working alongside larger entities, co-operations and organisations. I am truthful, reliable, and competent in building successful key relationships.

I have natural business instinct, coupled with international experience in the private, public and tertiary sectors. Always acting responsibly with an informed judgement backed by sound knowledge. Including specific knowledge of key areas within equity markets from buy to sell transactions, through to private IPOs.

I also have many international contacts from powerful Sheikhs to political officials primarily in the Middle East and UK. Sphere of interest include real estate, natural resource, and technology sectors.  Above all, I love helping people through what I have learnt on the way.

I see my role as a visionary, and or mentor, and I fulfil this by asking, listening, reflecting and – only then – responding. I seek to assist by way of discovering creative solutions, the development or adjustment of a strategic plan, and the management of change, when needed, through to successful sustained growth.

I act, at all times, independently, professionally and discreetly. I will speak the truth if something awkward needs to be said, without fear or favour.

I deliver my contribution as Non-Executive Director, Non-Executive Consultant, Director – or Advisor – as preferred by each of my clients. For some clients I simply act as Crucial Friend or Mentor – usually to the Key Entrepreneur/CEO of the organisation concerned.

Having seen a huge variety of businesses over the years, and carried out many tasks, I am not sector specific, but it is the blend of skills I can bring, which I feel has the potential to add value to any company, organisation, private or public entity.

I bring the focus of an astute forensic mathematician to focus on goals, on solutions, and importantly to analyse the numbers – since we can only manage what we can measure – and I am able to offer most to those with vision, passion, commitment and desire for excellence within their organisation.

I hope to bring vision, value, energy, tenacity, spirit, courage, ambition, integrity, and reliability, at all times.

Rather than reading and taking it all from me, see what people say about me. For more detail, have a look at my profile on linkedin.

I look forward to hearing from you – feel free to get in touch.

Very best wishes,