"Honesty Is The First Chapter In The Book Of Wisdom"

What People Say

I am truly grateful by the kind words shared here by those I have worked with over the years. An account good enough to cover both what they perceive as my skillset, personal qualities and strengths. I can only reciprocate the gesture with a very big thank you.

I have known Arfan for approximately a year. I dearly appreciate his esteemed efforts and support of our vision and mission and his continuous hard work and dedication. He is friendly, calm and collected. Providing encouragement and support in the correct direction seamlessly. His contribution has been strategic and well informed.  – Faiza Al-Zadjali, Principal, Private Institution – Oman.

I have known Arfan for several years both in business and as a friend. He has a very deep knowledge of equity markets, especially public companies. He is creative and innovative in both the designing of deals and fund raising, as he executed successfully during the early stages of Oracle Coalfields Plc. He has natural business flare, coupled with excellent communication skills and a most of all common sense. ” – Shahrukh Khan, Chief Executive Officer, Oracle Coalfields Plc – London.

I have been fortunate in knowing Arfan for many years. During this time, I have liaised with him on fund raising  and business development. His experience, expertise, and extensive skillset are far broader than his origins as a mathematician might suggest. He is capable of providing wise counsel on any business or corporate issue, since he has the ability of effectively identifying problems, opportunities and solutions. Arfan is a man of rare integrity, which might explain his extraordinary international network, covering a variety of sectors. – Ksenia Myasnikova, Manager, Al-Arjowan – Dubai.

I have worked with Arfan, assisting alongside a complex development with a large business conglomerate, where we have acted jointly in an executive director type capacity. I have always found him to be insightful, prepared and wise. He is very quick at getting to the point, suggesting a solution, negotiating and agreeing the way forward. He is particularly knowledgeable about capital markets and corporate banking, with a natural instinct that makes him valuable in any business environment.  – Taimoor Zafar, Lawyer, Legal Oracles – Pakistan